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Mike's Jump for Research

Mike Houghton from Ormskirk, Lancashire was devastated when his Grandad, John Houghton died in February 2010 at the age of 86 after suffering a stroke. John was a fit and active man for his age and enjoyed swimming several times a week. This just shows that tragic things such as this can happen to anyone. Mike has many happy memories of the time he spent with his Grandad as he grew up.

So when his local pub was organising a charity bungee jump, which happened to be the world’s highest mobile bungee jump Mike decided he would take part after a little persuasion from a few friends and decided to dedicate it to his Grandad.

When he looked into it a bit more he found Brain Research Trust. This charity supports the University College London's Institute of Neurology, Queen Square, which is one of the world’s leading centres for neurological research which helps towards treatment, prevention and cure of neurological diseases one of which is strokes and thought this would be perfect.

Just less than two weeks till the big jump he wanted to try and raise as much money as possible in the short time. With the help of a few friends he managed to raise £392.67 in less than two weeks!

The day of the bungee jump arrived and fortunately was a hot sunny day. There were four other people jumping for different charities. Mike was chosen to jump last. He watched anxiously as the second jumper hesitated for what seemed an eternity as he stood waiting to jump which made him slightly nervous but deep down was looking forward to it.


When Mike’s turn arrived and as it started to ascent he saw all the spectators where getting smaller. At the top and ready to jump he took a quick look down before leaning forward and jumping.
It was an amazing feeling and experience and that made him and one other person choose to do it for a second time – but this time backwards!