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Corporate Fundraising

Working with Brain Research Trust can bring significant benefits to your company. We also recognise that corporate partnerships are driven by more than philanthropic desire; they must also satisfy the needs of your business.

Why should your company partner with Brain Research Trust? We are an ambitious, growing charity with a strong vision that everyone can get involved with.

  • Personal – Our work is something that will impact many of your employees and their loved ones.
  • Credible – Your company will benefit from the credibility of working with a highly respected 40 year old charity, renowned for funding some of the most advanced brain research in the world.
  • Positive PR – Our partnership can reinforce your marketing campaign and if required, generate tailored PR coverage.
  • Experience – Our dynamic team has years of experience managing a range of small and large charity of the year partnerships and fundraising events.
  • Fresh, innovative ideas – Running out of ideas or suffering from charity fatigue? We can work with your employees to devise new and innovative, team building fundraising activities. We will support your employees fundraising efforts and help your company to produce outstanding results.
  • Adding Value – Supporting our research projects will add value to your social responsibility programme.

Charity of the Year

If you are looking for a charity that can make a real difference, locally and nationally, Brain Research Trust is the ideal partner. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to develop a highly successful range of activities for your staff.

If your company does not have a charity of the year scheme, it is still possible to support us in other ways, such as one-off donations, sponsorship, cause related marketing or taking part in one-off events.

For further information please contact Laura McLellan on 020 7404 9982 or email laura.mclellan@brt.org.uk